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This page describes the admins, contributors, and editors of www.howtoautodetail.com. Are you interested in aiding in the curation of this website? Shoot us a message on reddit or send us a contact message.



Marissa. Lives in North Dakota. Software engineer as a 9-5 gig, works summer weekends at the local drag strip. Weekend warrior for detailing, plasti-dipping, and automotive work.

Major passion for detailing especially on the meticulous side of things. Not afraid of mud puddles though!


Frank. Lives in Chicago. Cybersecurity by day, detailer by weekend. Detailing since around 2008.

Moderator of the reddit subreddit r/AutoDetailing. Worked hard to build up the r/AutoDetailing community since around 35 subscribers and focusing on making it unbiased to vendor influence and control as well as friendly.

Owner of Chicago’s Dedicated Auto Detailing (acquired by Aesthetic Detail Studio in 2019) and general automotive detailing hobbyist.