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Machine Polishing

Paint correction is one of the most satisfying parts of detailing. Mirror-reflective paint in the sun looks fantastic without any scratches or swirls. You’ll get the best results with a DA (dual action) polisher and we have some resources to help you along.

  • Chicago Auto Pros has a super in-depth video on many aspects of machine polishing and is a fantastic resource.
  • Reddit user /u/cf2121 has a write-up thread about how to correct paint using a dual action polisher.
  • Reddit user /u/Notanasianswimmer has a write-up thread about how to handle paint correction on small body panels.
  • Buff Daddy has downloadable PDFs of the “Kevin Brown Method” which illustrates how to polish, prime your pads, and a few other techniques.
Updated on 3 November 2020

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  1. Adam’s Polishes video doesn’t actually show how to do the paint correction. It seems the playlist has been made private.

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