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Metal and Exhaust Polishing

Unpainted metal requires a different polishing style than painted body panels. Check out our resources for polishing metal back to a bright shine.

  • Mike Philips at AutoGeek has a great guide on putting the finishing touches on chrome. He also has a solid thread on how to polish oxidized wheels.
  • Detailed Image posted an “Ask a Pro Detailer” blog article about how to properly detail exhaust tips that have been baked in fumes.
  • Adam’s Polishes produced a video on how to polish exhaust tips.
  • Reddit user /u/cf2121 has a write-up thread about how to clean, polish, and protect exhaust tips.
  • Reddit user /u/Pugzlie18 has a write-up thread about polishing exhaust tips using steel wool and elbow grease.
Updated on 21 November 2022

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