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Washing with the Two Bucket Method

There are many different wash methods. Here’s a listing of resources about how to use the two bucket method, which is the most common.

  • Nick at AutoGeek has a great guide to properly clean, protect, and maintain wheels and tires. He goes over different types of wheels and finishes as well as product recommendations.
  • Detailed Image posted an “Ask a Pro Detailer” blog article about how to do the two bucket method and why it’s better than using a single bucket as well as an overview for a complete detail and product recommendations.
  • Adam’s Polishes produced a video on how to do the two bucket method. The video goes over how to keep both buckets free of debris and how to clean by panel.
  • Reddit user /u/cf2121 has a write-up thread about how to detail using the two bucket method. They go into detail about wheels, windows, and drying as well.
  • Larry Kosilla at AMMO created a video about how to perform a maintenance wash, which includes using the two bucket method.
Updated on 13 December 2021

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  1. The link for Adam’s Polishes now points to a private video.

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